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Hi-I'm Eileen

My interests are:
My husband, Steve, our three sons, Stephen, Daniel and Michael,
cooking, gardening, antiques, sewing, and computers . . .  but my passion is genealogy!
  Our two main family lines are: Harper and Worthington

Join us for the Worthington Reunion

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Allied families include:
Barker, Benton, Butler, Cawley, Crabb, Cross, Dorminey, Dresbach, Dugger, Dunbar, Floyd, Gephart/Gebhardt, Giltner/Gildner, Griffin, Hageman, Hall, Holler, Henderson, Hickman, Irons, Kepple, Jackson, Johnson, Lott, McCance, McCaughey, Merritt, Middleton, Paulk, Peterson, Porter, Patterson, Ralston, Rawls/Roll, Reedy, Rutledge,
Scott, Sharp, Sierer, Sorrells, Thompson/Thomson,
Townsend, Tucker, Vickers, Wallace, Westlake, and Young.tree1-ln.gif (2070 bytes)

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There's a special kind of closeness that only families know,
that begins with childhood trust and deepens as you grow,
there's a special kind of happiness in sharing little things,
the laughter, smiles, and quiet talks that daily living brings,
there's a special kind of comfort in knowing your family's there,
to back you up, to cheer you up, to understand and care-
of all the treasures life may bring, your family means the most,
and whether near or far apart, that love will hold you close.

For questions and comments e-mail me at:

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I have worked on our family histories since I was sixteen years old but by no means are these pages complete, or the work of any one individual.  Many individuals have contributed through the years and some have contributed greatly!  So, this is a collection of research from several individuals, too numerous to list, but you will find many of their names on the individual Family Generation Pages, under Researchers.  I do thank each and every individual that contributed
to these family histories and who made these pages possible.  If I have forgotten anyone, and they wish to have their name
included here, please contact me and let me know of the oversight.

Please come back often to check for updates!
All written contents of this site with ALL family history pages AND their submissions are copyrighted.
Reproduction of any part of this site or any of it's subsequent sites belonging to me, is forbidden under
Internet Copyright Laws. Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.
All rights reserved.

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