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Descendants of Hanzet L. "Hans" Riedi

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All of the individuals listed below are direct descendants of Hanzet L."Hans" Riedi.
*The individuals listed below are all 'Reedy/Riedi/Riedy/Reidy Cousins'.
Following each name and e-mail address is an explanation of how each cousin is related to me.


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Margaret Eileen Harper Worthington

(1) Hanzet L. "Hans" Riedi.-b. 15 Mar 1700, Filisur, Switzerland
 (2) Jachem Riedi.-b. aabt. 1650 Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland
  (3) Hans/Johan Otto (John) Riedi-b. abt. Apr 1685, Filisur, Graubunden, Switzerland.
   (4) Johann Jacob Riedy-b. 1717, Irtzwieler, Ulmet, Zweibrucken, Germany-d. bef. 1790, Heidelberg, Northampton Co., PA
    (5) Conrad Reedy-b. 18 Oct 1747, Goshenhoppen, Montgomery Co., PA-d. 8 Mar 1809, Buffalo Valley, Northumberland,            Union Co., PA
     (6) Jacob Reedy-b. 9 Aug 1770, Heidelberg, Northampton Co., PA.-d. 22 Nov 1854, PA
      (7) Jacob Sierer Reedy-b. 26 Nov., 1806, Union Co., PA-d. 14 Apr 1880, McDonough Co., IL
       (8) Lydia Ann Reedy-b. 17 Jul 1844, Kingston, OH-d. 16 May 1937, Bardolph, McDonough Co., IL
        (9) Almeda Hall-b. 28 July 1871, IL-d. 27 Apr 1899, IL
         (10) Winifred Doris Westlake-b. 15 Jul 1898, Adair, McDonough Co., IL-d. 5 Feb 1977, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL
          (11) Bette M. Harper
           (12) Margaret Eileen HARPER

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