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Harper Surname and Generation Index

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* I am in the process of updating these files so please have patience . . .
they are not complete . . . and will always be in a state of change due
to the nature of genealogical research!!!

These Harper Family Pages are dedicated to the memory of
my father, Harold Lowell Harper, my brother, John Lowell Harper,
and to our Harper forefathers that we never knew but remember
fondly.  May we learn from them all the perseverence and dedication
of the pioneer life they endured and the simple love of family!
Their lives have instilled in each of us a hunger for our past.
Through my struggles to know them I have discovered a family
I once believed lost and today I find myself blessed with cousins
I never knew existed.  My thanks to each and every one of you
for your contributions, support, friendship and love!


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I have created a list serve, as a discussion vehicle, for the exchange
of information for the descendants of Leonard Harper Sr.
If you are one of those descendants then please join us!

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gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Leonard Harper Sr.

Land Deed - 1798 - Glynn County
Land Deed - 1803 - McIntosh County
Land Deed - 1816 - McIntosh County
Land Deed - 1819 - McIntosh County

Elizabeth Harper - Land Deed - Irwin County - Irwin County

Will of Leonard Harper Jr. - Irwin County

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  First Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Second Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Third Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Fourth Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Fifth Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Sixth Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Seventh Generation

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Harper Surname Index

gaflow.gif (1101 bytes)  Harper Researchers

This site is in its infancy so please visit often to check for updates.

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