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1. Peter Levi DUNBAR was born on 8 Feb 1801 in Fayette Co., KY (NY? *Information provided to me gives birth as KY however, the 1850 Census of Brown Co., IL gives birthplace for Peter Dunbar as NY). Died on 8 Jul 1888 in Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL. Buried on 9 Jul 1888.

1850 Census-

Peter Dunbar, 48, m, farmer, born NY

Wife, Elizabeth, 49, born KY

Henry, 21, born NY

Nancy, 19, born NY

Christopher, 17, born NY

Thomas, 14, born IL

Lucy Ann, 12, born IL

Levi, 9 mos., born IL

Moved to Illinois in 1832

He married Elizabeth HUFFMAN on 17 Nov 1822 in FAYETTE, KY. Elizabeth HUFFMAN was born in 1801 in KY (As with her husband the birthplace of Elizabeth is not certain. The 1850 Census of Brown Co., IL, states her birthplace is KY but other sources state that it is NY).

They had the following children:

+2 i. John James DUNBAR

+3 ii. Elizabeth Ann DUNBAR

+4 iii. Henry DUNBAR

+5 iv. Nancy DUNBAR

+6 v. Christopher DUNBAR

+7 vi. Thomas J. DUNBAR

+8 vii. Lucy Ann DUNBAR

+9 viii. Levi Kinman DUNBAR

Dunbar Surname and Generation Index

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